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What is the Dublin Local Group?


The Dublin Local Group is part of the Voluntary Service International (VSI), the Irish branch of Service Civil International (SCI) founded in 1920, a worldwide movement working for peace and international understanding through the medium of voluntary work, international exchanges and awareness programs.


The DLG is a volunteer organisation which undertakes to improve the living conditions of the elderly, disabled and otherwise marginalised members of the Dublin local community. We meet once a week on Saturday and are involved in a range of voluntary and community service work in the Dublin area.



Our work involves:

- Painting and wallpapering homes

- Weekend projects for particular community or non-profit making organisations

- Organising social evenings or weekends away for our members

- Fundraising and publicity activities

- Working with other groups or organisations to complete specific projects


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Aims & Objectives


The aim of the Dublin Local Group is to provide much needed service to the more "marginalised" or disadvantaged individuals or groups in our society. Many of the jobs undertaken by the group have been referred to us by other voluntary organisations such as St Vincent de Paul, the Wheelchair Association, St Michaels House or social workers who have exhausted other avenues in trying to relieve a particular situation.


Although we do offer an experienced voluntary based service it is important that we are not seen as 'professionals'.


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Bring a positive and lasting change to the lives of people by improving their living environment

We are committed to completing our work to the highest standard with constant respect for the given property and individual


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Who can be involved?


The Dublin Local Group welcomes anyone over 18 who has some time and commitment to spare. New people, energy and ideas are essential to the group. If you have done voluntary work before or if you are looking to start, the DLG offers a range of activities and a flexibility of times. But you don't need a skill to join us, you can develop practical skills through experience as a member of our team. Enthusiasm and willingness to help others are the most important skills.


If you do have a specific skill (i.e. carpentry, electrical etc...) you might like to become a project leader or simply help out on jobs requiring your abilities whenever time permits. Either way, you can get in touch with us by email.


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