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"My volunteer story" by Tom Farrell


In the year of Our Job, Two Thousand and Six the commandments were brought down on (badly sandpapered) stone tablets from the Mount of Joy in accordance with the ancient wisdom of the bearded prophet, Tom of Ryder.
Only by following the example of the righteous ones who struggled with rollers over their shoulders up the Hill of Camp and saw a new community centre rise on the third day, can a volunteer achieve Eternal Paint splashes.


We are the DLG your Local Group

Thou shalt not have strange voluntary groups before us
Thou shalt honour your team leader
Thou shalt keep your Saturday Mornings holy
Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's roller
Thou shalt not be later than 9.30am if an email says so
Thou shalt not commit the sin of gluttony in Gerry's Cafe
Thou shalt not bear false witness against the quality of thy neighbour's wallpapering
Thou shalt not covet excess tea breaks
Thou shalt honour the colour peach
Thou shalt always clean out thy brushes





Meet the volunteers


Meet Eilis, one of our most regular volunteer since 2004....

Since I joined the DLG I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects with a great team of volunteers. Our projects have brightened up the surroundings and lives of many people in the Dublin area. So if you don't mind getting dirty and want to do something worthwhile with your Saturday mornings, then the DLG is for you!




Meet Conor, one of our latest volunteer.....

My experience with the DLG has been all good. Saturday mornings are no longer spent under a duvet. My fellow decorators are a great gang. It's a laugh to see who'll get the most covered in paint each week. There's cups of tea, biscuits and it's great craic meeting up with all the auld (and not so auld at all) Dublin codgers!




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