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What to know before applying


All our work is carried out in the Dublin city catchment area and is scheduled on a priority basis of greatest need. Once the application is received, we would call within a few weeks to organise a visit to evaluate the work to be done. Once a group decision has been reached, our feedback will be given as soon as possible by letter. Please note that due to the large number of applications we receive, there is a waiting list for work to be carried out.




Submit a project for an individual


We carry out much needed painting, wallpapering, decorating and small repairs work in the homes of people where the standard of living has fallen below the normal standard and where people are financially or physically unable to carry out the work themselves.


If you want to submit a project for your own home please fill in the application form for individuals. You can also submit a form on behalf of someone else on condition that the person is aware of it and agreed to it. In this case, we would ask for your own contact name and details to be written on the form.




Submit a project for an organisation


We also undertake projects that benefit communities such as painting community halls and schools but also other charitable organisations etc..


If you want to submit a project on behalf of your organisation please fill the organisation application form.


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