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Our work is done on Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 1pm and it involves a lot of painting, some wallpapering, basic repair work and sometimes cleaning so it is necessary to wear old clothes and shoes as we are working with paint. Most jobs take place within the Dublin City catchment area and we organise lifts to all our members whenever necessary.


We have meetings in between projects about general issues and we also do a set of visits.


We also have the odd social evening so it’s not all work work work!



To become a volunteer with the DLG we would ask you to email us directly and let us know what are your motivations and what skills (if any) you can bring along.


Once we meet, introduce ourselves and answer your questions you can take some time to think. When and if you decide you want to join, we will send you a volunteer application form to be returned by post (with the membership fee) to VSI. As a member of VSI you will receive regular updates and information on international work projects.


All of our projects are organised via email so a weekly newsletter is sent out to all volunteers with the details of the project taking place. If you are available just reply back and be at the organised meeting point.



We hope to hear from you soon!



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